How an Auto Clear Bra Enhances Your Vehicle

September 13, 2021by drazen doslo

You may have heard of an auto clear bra, but are you sure of what it is exactly? The term ‘auto clear bra’ was once a nickname but is now used to reference a transparent plastic film that protects the exterior of your vehicle. The auto clear bra helps protect your vehicle from common contaminants during your commute. If you are set on applying a clear bra to your vehicle, feel free to scroll down and learn more about Mile High Image Detailing, Arvada’s auto detailing at its finest.   Today we will answer the following questions:

  1. What is an Auto Clear Bra? 
  2. How are Auto Clear Bras Applied? 
  3. When Should I Install an Auto Clear Bra to My Vehicle? 
  4. How Does an Auto Clear Bra Enhance my Vehicle? 
  5. Installing an Auto Clear Bra in Arvada, Colorado.

What is an Auto Clear Bra? 

Auto clear bras are installed to the exterior of your vehicle, adding an extra layer of protection from everyday elements. This layer of protection is made up of a concoction of different plastics. The film is assembled in layers, each made of a different compound and adding a new level of protection. Nanotechnology and advanced polymers are the true stars of the show within an auto clear bra, but we will get into the science another time. For now, here is a simple overview.   The first layer, or the one that goes directly onto your vehicle, has an acrylic-based adhesive within it. This allows the auto clear bra to adhere securely to the exterior of your vehicle. Acting as the first line of defense, the outer layer of an auto clear bra will have a clear coat added with the help of polyurethane or urethane.   While this plastic film can be applied to many areas of your vehicle, an auto clear bra technically refers to placing the plastic film onto the front bumper of a vehicle. The term was originally used as a nickname for the leather coverings that were used to protect the front bumper. Today, when someone refers to an auto clear bra, they are likely referring to the paint protection film application to any area of the vehicle. Clear bras are recommended to be applied to the places on your vehicle that are most likely to be impacted by passing debris.  

How are Auto Clear Bras Applied? 

First and foremost, a professional should always apply auto clear bras. Due to the adhesive nature of the plastic film, improper installation could result in damage to the paint on the exterior of your vehicle.   When you bring in your vehicle to apply a paint protection film, or an auto clear bra, to Mile High Image Detailing, the first thing we will do is wash your vehicle. Before any plastic film can be applied, we must ensure the surface is clean and clear of any debris and contaminants.   It is always recommended you think about refreshing the exterior of your vehicle prior to installing an auto clear bra. Having an exterior detail done, from a simple wax to a full-on paint correction, will help your vehicle’s paint remain in its best condition.   Once the exterior of your vehicle has been refreshed and wiped clean of contaminant buildup, the plastic film is measured and cut to fit each curvature of the vehicle’s panels. When applying an auto clear bra at Mile High Image Detailing, we take care to tuck the film around the edge of each panel. This extra detail helps ensure the longevity of your auto clear bra, preventing exposed edges and future peeling of the film. Tucking the edges of each panel also increases the invisibility of an auto clear bra, leaving you with a borderless finish.   Even after the installation of an auto clear bra, you can and should perform regular maintenance to the exterior of your vehicle. This could range from regular washes to the addition of a ceramic coating. Talk with one of our auto protection specialists at Mile High Image Detailing; let’s find the best protection plan for you and your vehicle.  

When Should I Install an Auto Clear Bra to My Vehicle? 

It is recommended to install an auto clear bra to you are looking to protect your vehicle from daily driving hazards. Typically applied to the areas that are impacted most frequently, an auto clear bra helps protect the paint job where you need it most. You should install an auto clear bra at any point you are ready; there is no right or wrong time. That being said, it is always wise to protect your vehicle at the soonest possible time after welcoming it into your family.  

How does an Auto Clear Bra Enhance my Vehicle? 

Invisible Protection Against the Elements in Arvada, Colorado 

Installing an auto clear bra to your vehicle allows you to drive worry-free each day as you go about your day. The clear paint protection film is nearly invisible, especially when applied with attention to detail like at Mile High Image Detailing. Living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains presents views while driving that humble us each time we pass by. The elements and weather in our everyday life here in Arvada, Colorado, can affect our vehicles in ways we may not think about. Adding a clear bra to your vehicle in Arvada, CO, gives you a new appreciation for the drive. Here are some of the elements auto clear bra helps protect against.  

Harmful UV Rays

Situated at over a mile above sea level, our atmosphere provides us with minimal protection from some harmful UV rays. These UV rays from the Sun are not only harmful to our skin but also the paint on your vehicle. When left unprotected, UV rays will slowly change the color of the paint, fading your original color into a remix. This slow breakdown of the pigments in the paint is called oxidation. Applying a clear bra, or paint protection film, to your vehicle acts as a semi-permanent sunscreen.  

Construction Debris

As our area grows, so does the amount of construction around us. Small pieces of wood, metal and other construction debris can chip or scratch the exterior of your vehicle.  

Rock Chips

Rock chips are hard to avoid when living so close to the Rocky Mountains, especially if you take your vehicle on a weekend outing! Auto clear bras protect against minor rock chips you are sure to see with any mountain adventure.  

Winter Road Salt and Magnesium Chloride 

During the winter, our streets are filled with road salt from time to time. While this is a great help for driving in the snow, an excess of road salt and magnesium chloride can easily fuse itself with the exterior of your vehicle. Salt cutting through the clear coat could lead to oxidation and rust.  

Helps Retain the Value of Your Vehicle

Each day, the vehicle you choose to spend your time is not only a part of the family but also a significant financial investment. Retaining the vehicle’s value over time will ensure you are taking care of your investment. This can best be done by regularly washing your vehicle and adding a layer of protection, such as an auto clear bra, to the exterior of your vehicle.  

Auto Clear Bra Packages in Arvada, CO 

Mile High Image Detailing offers three levels of auto clear bra application in Arvada, Colorado.   Starting with the highest impact zones of your vehicle, our first package covers the front bumper, fenders, side mirrors, and 24″ of the hood.   Middle tiered coverage will fully protect the front of your vehicle, from the front bumper, across the entire hood and fenders, up to the side mirrors.   Total protection is our third package at Mile High Image Detailing, encompassing the exterior of your vehicle in auto clear bra paint protection film.   Using only top-quality paint protection films, we recommend the Premium Shield Ultra. Mile High Image Detailing is unique because we are one of the only certified Premium Shield installers within the Denver metro area. This exquisite paint protection film has a self-healing top layer, removing minor scratches without you lifting a finger. Backed by a ten-year warranty, this auto clear bra will decelerate your vehicle’s aging while providing protection from scratches and debris.  

Installation of Auto Clear Bras in Arvada, CO

We believe in the importance of protecting your vehicle and strive to consider the lifestyle you have with the vehicle. Every vehicle has its own complexity, from antique or luxury to adventure vans and sedans alike. Mile High Image Detailing offers a free, no-obligation estimate. By having a conversation, we can assist you in finding the best protection plan for your vehicle and your lifestyle. Our attention to detail is what allows us to offer you the white glove treatment you have come to love. For all of your auto detailing, auto protection, or auto clear bra application in Arvada, CO, needs, Mile High Image Detailing is here for you. Let’s talk!