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The Paint Protection Film Advantage

Welcome to Mile High Image Detailing’s Paint Protection Film service page, your one-stop solution for preserving your vehicle’s pristine condition in the beautiful yet sometimes demanding environment of Denver, Colorado, and the rest of The Rockies. Our service ensures not just a visually stunning appearance but also top-notch protection for your automobile using industry-leading products and techniques. Here, we will provide a detailed overview of our PPF services, including what sets us apart, why PPF is a must-have for Denver drivers, and how our process works.

Essential Shield

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Our Essential Shield Package provides comprehensive yet essential coverage to the most prone areas of your vehicle using UPPF or SunTek paint protection films. This package includes 24″ of hood protection, matching fenders, a one-piece bumper, and one-piece mirrors. With the reliable protection of UPPF or SunTek films, your vehicle is shielded against rock chips, scratches, and everyday road debris. Enjoy the peace of mind of superior protection without compromising your vehicle’s aesthetics.

Starting at $1,250.00

Complete Coverage

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Take vehicle protection to the next level with our Complete Coverage Package. This comprehensive package covers the full hood, full fenders, one-piece bumper, one-piece mirrors, and headlights using UPPF or SunTek paint protection films. Our team of trained professionals carefully applies the selected film, creating a virtually invisible shield that self-heals from minor scratches and swirls. With the Complete Coverage Package, every drive in Denver’s challenging terrain will be worry-free.

Starting at $1,850.00

Ultimate Armor

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Embrace maximum defense with our Ultimate Armor Package. This package offers full-body clear bra installation using UPPF or SunTek paint protection films, providing the ultimate protection for your entire vehicle. This coverage not only preserves your vehicle’s paint job but also maintains its value over the years. Trust the Ultimate Armor Package to keep your vehicle looking showroom new, no matter the journey.

Starting at $5,500-$8,500

Mile High Image Detailing
Better By Design

At Mile High Image, we utilize top-of-the-line paint protection films from UPPF and SunTek. Our commitment to quality and excellence ensures that your vehicle receives the best protection available. UPPF and SunTek are renowned brands in the industry, offering advanced paint protection films designed to safeguard your vehicle’s paintwork against road debris, scratches, and other environmental hazards.

UPPF and SunTek paint protection films are engineered with cutting-edge technology and superior durability, providing a virtually invisible shield that enhances the longevity and appearance of your vehicle’s paint. These films are precision-cut and expertly installed by our skilled technicians, ensuring a seamless and custom fit that offers optimal coverage and protection.

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Why Paint Protection Film? (PPF)

Paint Protection Film creates a robust shield over your vehicle’s body, guarding against scratches, rock chips, and damages caused by road debris like gravel, sand, and stones. The clear coat seamlessly integrates with your vehicle’s aesthetic while offering optimal protection.

Premium Shield Ultra, our PPF of choice, is renowned for its self-healing attributes. Surface scratches and swirls vanish upon exposure to heat, ensuring your vehicle maintains its pristine appearance effortlessly.

Premium Shield Ultra is a remarkably resilient material. With a thickness of 8 mils, it provides a durable layer of clear plastic that is resistant to harsh conditions and normal wear and tear.

Our PPF installation comes with a 10-year warranty, reinforcing our commitment to the longevity and quality of our services. We want you to enjoy a decade of worry-free drives, knowing that your vehicle’s beauty is safeguarded.

A vehicle with a well-maintained exterior has a higher resale value. PPF preserves your car’s appearance, thus protecting your investment in the long run.