Tips For Cleaning Your Polestar Electric Car in Denver

October 29, 2021by drazen doslo

Having your car detailed by a professional auto detailing company is vital to car care. While many car enthusiasts enjoy personally maintaining their vehicles, a trained auto detailing technician’s expertise is not to be undervalued. An experienced auto detailing company like Mile High Image Detailing in Arvada will clean and protect your vehicle, extending its life.  

Auto detailing, at its finest, is a combination of problem-solving, attention to detail, and understanding of how to bring the vehicle from its current state to renewal. There is also an element of scientific knowledge of the cleaning agents and compounds used at the forefront of every auto detail. The varying materials used to assemble each vehicle require specific upkeep. Choosing the correct cleaning agent to use in an auto detail is more than buying the brand on sale at the store.  


As much of the global population moves towards a more sustainable way of life, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and more accessible for your daily vehicle. With charging stations being built at gas stations across the United States, making your next car an electric one will continue to become a choice many Coloradanssettle on.  

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This article will focus on Polestar electric vehicles and their maintenance. Polestar gives recommendations for you to care for your Polestar electric vehicle, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come. Denver metro locals, pay special attention to the last section where we talk about the premier, professional auto detailing services in Arvada at Mile High Image Detailing! 

Table of Contents: 

What is Polestar? 

Polestar Electric Vehicles

Recommended Car Cleaning for Polestar Electric Vehicles 

Professional Auto Detailing in Arvada 

What is Polestar? 

Polestar calls itself “A design-focused electric performance car brand, harnessing refined performance and cutting-edge technology.” Polestar’s mission is to enhance our surrounding society by accelerating the changes needed to reach a carbon-neutral climate. In the race to lead new technological developments, Polestar believes in embracing solutions.  

The heartbeat of Polestar runs on conducting every aspect of business in a responsible, ethical way. Pushing the comfort zone of the automotive industry, Polestar backs initiatives toward more transparent carbon footprint tracking, clear material traceability, and standard supply chain ethics. Using modern design and technologies, Polestar continues accelerating change in the automotive industry.  

Polestar is set on producing a carbon-neutral vehicle to be released by the year 2030. This means that from the beginning sources of the vehicle materials, through production and into your hands, creating the car has left no negative impact on our environment. Through refurbishing and repurposing old batteries, Polestar is focused on building a more sustainable battery. Blockchain technology facilitates the ethical and transparent supply chain Polestar is creating by tracing risk minerals. In every action taken, Polestar seeks to bring carbon balance to our daily lives.  

Polestar Electric Vehicles 

Polestar currently produces three different electric vehicles. Applications for your phone allow you to access your Polestar electric car with a virtual key. Here is a brief overview of each. 


Deemed the ‘premium performance hybrid,’ Polestar1 has already reached its final production run. Thought of as a collector’s item, the first electric car Polestar created was only produced 1,500 times. Winning a total of 8 automotive awards, the Polestar1 was introduced using a carbon fiber polymer auto body. This 2-door hybrid boasts one gasoline engine and three electric motors. A mere 25 cars were made in matte gold color, giving an already artistic car a defined style. Genuine crystal, carbon fiber, and environmentally friendly materials in a monochromatic color palette come together to provide the Polestar1 with its striking look.  


The first fully electric car from Polestar, Polestar2, is distinctly progressive. Features like the cornering function on the front LED lights and the panoramic roof make the Polestar2 a vibe of its own. Sporting 4-doors, the Polestar2 can tow up to 2,000 pounds and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just over 4 seconds. Each year the Polestar2 is in production, the company is adding sustainability declarations to the new models.  


If you are scanning the market for an electric SUV, the Polestar3 could be your next purchase. Incorporating NVIDIA computing power with a fully electric drivetrain, the Polestar3 sets new precedents for SUVs. The first utterly electric SUV from the Swedish company will be manufactured in the United States, making its debut in October 2022. 


Polestar also offers fleet services for companies as a way for businesses to minimize their carbon footprint.  

Recommended Car Cleaning for Polestar Electric Vehicles 

Taking great care of your car with regular maintenance and frequent cleaning will extend the life of your vehicle. Understanding the best auto cleaning methods for the different materials used in constructing your vehicle plays a vital role. Continue reading to look at the best auto cleaning methods for a Polestar electric car in Denver, Colorado.  

Polestar Interior Auto Detailing 

The interior of a Polestar electric vehicle is ethically sourced from environmentally friendly materials. Due to the nature of these materials, common chemical cleaners can damage your vehicle’s interior while cleaning the mess. Here is a summary of the recommended interior auto cleaning practices for Polestar electric cars.  

First and foremost, when cleaning your vehicle’s interior, you want to begin with removing the trash and vacuuming to remove the remaining debris. This allows the cleaning agents to effectively target the mess that has adhered to the vehicle’s interior. However, not any cleaning agent should be used on a Polestar interior auto detail. Strong solvents such as alcohol can and will damage the upholstery. Luminous Worldwide is a brand example of a non-abrasive cleaning agent.  

When using any cleaning agent, spray a microfiber cloth and then wipe the stain. Spraying auto cleaning agents directly on the upholstery or electrical components of a Polestar vehicle could cause damage to the material. If a cleaning agent is suitable for the upholstery, do not use it on the carbon fiber as well. Each material should have its car cleaning agent.  

Lightly dampened, clean microfibre cloths are recommended when wiping down any area during an interior auto detail. Glossy surfaces show scratches, more obviously, so remember to use small circular motions.  

Polestar Exterior Auto Detail 

Maintaining the exterior of your Polestar electric car begins with regularly washing your vehicle as soon as it becomes dirty. Cleaning as quickly as possible gives the dirt less time to attach to the exterior of your car. Polestar recommends using an auto washing detergent and an oil separator. Cleaning of the vehicle should be done in a car wash or garage. Since the paint on new vehicles takes some time to stabilize and harden fully, Polestar recommends avoiding automatic car washes in the first few months of owning your Polestar electric car. Polishing the exterior of your vehicle is not necessary until after it is a year old; however, waxing during that time is encouraged.  

Professional Auto Detailing in Arvada, Colorado 

Due to the stability of the materials, Polestar electric vehicles are made with, properly cleaning your car may be a bit intimidating. Rather than using an auto cleaning agent you are unsure of and risking further damage to your vehicle, schedule a professional auto detailing service.  

Mile High Image Detailing is a premier auto detailing company in Arvada, Colorado. In every detail of our work, we aim to have the feeling of white-glove treatment shine through. Specializing in luxury vehicles, our team of highly trained technicians is the best-qualified auto detailing team in Arvada, Colorado. In all of our services, we offer the highest quality auto detailing in Arvada, treating your vehicle with the exceptional care we provide for our own. Offering everything needed to maintain and protect your luxury vehicle, Mile High Image Detailing offers storage with 24/7 access and security in addition to auto detailing services.  

The auto detailing and auto cleaning services include paint correction, interior detailing, exterior detailing, wet sanding, window tint, orange peel removal, and more. Specializing in installing ceramic coatings and paint protection film (commonly referred to as a clear bra), Mile High Image Detailing has all you need to ensure your vehicle is taken care of.  

Owning a Polestar electric vehicle is an exciting experience. Ensuring your Polestar is protected will allow you to enjoy the carbon-neutral vehicle for years to come, only decreasing your carbon footprint for the future. However, Polestar vehicles require special care and attention to detail. A knowledgeable background in auto detailing would benefit any Polestar electric car owner in Arvada, Colorado, best take care of their vehicle. Although, if you lack that background (and even if you have it), taking your car to a professional auto detailing shop will always give you the best results.  

Mile High Image Detailing is your professional auto detailing shop for your Polestar electric car. The elements Mother Nature brings to Arvada, Colorado, can quickly change your vehicle’s appearance, functionality, and value. Having your vehicle professionally auto-detailed will help it live its best life with you for as long as possible.