Everyday Car Storage in Arvada, Colorado

September 29, 2021by drazen doslo

Storing your vehicle may be a concept that seems unnecessary for the everyday car owner to consider. However, there are many ways you can benefit from professional vehicle storage in Arvada, even if you are not a niche vehicle owner. Today we will talk about  Table of Contents

  1. Ways You Can Benefit from Regular Car Storage in Arvada, CO
  2. How Your Vehicle Benefits from Professional Storage 
  3. Professional Car Storage in Arvada, CO

Ways You Can Benefit from Regular Car Storage in Arvada, CO

Having access to professional vehicle storage for your everyday cars in Arvada can ease many different potentially stressful situations. While it could seem like a frivolous extra cost, the benefits for some greatly outweigh the monthly fee. Here we will go over different moments when having storage at Mile High Image Detailing for your car in Arvada available to you makes a difference between your stress and peace of mind.  

Protection from the Elements 

One of the significant weather patterns Coloradans face each summer is hail storms. Our cold atmospheric temperatures and warm air create the perfect storm for hailstones to form. Hail storms cause severe damage to Colorado’s houses, vehicles, and crops every year. In 2017, one hail storm caused over $2.3 billion in damage paid out by insurance companies.   When hail season arrives, having access to covered parking can make the difference in your vehicle appearing as a golf ball versus remaining in pristine condition. Vehicles stored in our Arvada car storage facility can be accessed in as little as 30 minutes, giving you protection without hoops when the storm has cleared.   With the change of seasons arrives a shift in weather elements your car can benefit from with covered parking. One way Colorado snowstorms during the winter can cause damage to your vehicle is from road salt, leading to paint oxidation and rust. Access to parking that protects your vehicle from the elements can be an excellent service to any car owner in Arvada. Protecting your truck means protecting your investment, ensuring it is in the best condition possible for years down the road.  

Security While on Vacation 

Vacations are a wonderful time; however, leaving our belongings unattended for long periods can be unnerving for some. Many homeowners employ a house sitter while away on vacation. Why not look after your vehicle the same way?  If you are planning an extended trip, but leaving behind your vehicle, consider storing it with a local professional vehicle storage facility like Mile High Image Detailing. Our Mile High Image Detailing facilities are monitored 24/7 with multiple security cameras inside and out. Storing your vehicle allows you to vacation confidently, knowing your car will be in the exact shape or even better conditions than you left it in.  

Weekend Adventure Vehicles 

There are few things Coloradans love more than being outdoors. Whether it is for a baseball game or a concert, a holiday celebration, or just a Tuesday, most of us like to be outside. With the beautiful scenery our home state has to offer, who wouldn’t?   Many of us have a vehicle that is considered our adventure vehicle. You may not drive it in your day-to-day lives around Denver, but we take it to the mountains as often as possible. Making the decision to store your fully outfitted, rugged adventure vehicle in the right conditions when not in use can drastically improve the life of your vehicle. The local car storage facilities at Mile High Image Detailing are temperature controlled, meaning your vehicle will be living its best life while on break.   We also offer discounted services for all of our car storage clients as a part of our white glove treatment. Imagine dropping off your vehicle after a week away, covered in remnants of your adventures. Weeks pass, and it is time for your monthly or weekly outdoor experience. When you arrive at Mile High Image Detailing to pick up your vehicle, it is sparkling clean, fully detailed, protected (dare I say rested), and ready to take you on the trip of a lifetime. That, my friend, is a benefit of storing your car in Arvada with Mile High Image Detailing.  

Car Share Vehicle Overflow Storage 

Many entrepreneurs and car enthusiasts are turning to platforms like Turo that offer car-sharing opportunities. Living downtown or in a community makes it hard to have parking space for all of those vehicles when they are not actively rented out. Or say you had multiple cars up for rent and decided to pause availability while you take a hard-earned vacation?   Contracting a professional vehicle storage facility can benefit someone in this industry significantly. For instance, at Mile High Image Detailing, all storage clients receive our other services at a membership price. Having access to premier auto detailing in Denver will make your vehicles stand out when rented. Knowing your cars are protected from Mother Nature’s elements and maintained at the perfect temperature unless rented elongates the life of your vehicle, therefore adding business longevity. Peace of mind also arrives when you know your cars are secure with our 24/7 monitoring. Benefits any entrepreneur should be operating with, in our humble opinion.  

How Your Vehicle Benefits from Professional Storage

Storing your car in a professional auto storage facility in Arvada can bring many benefits when you look at the big picture. The life of your vehicle is substantially extended through regular professional attention. Access to regular maintenance services means your car will always be in immaculate condition. Let us dive into each of these a little more in-depth.  

Professional Upkeep Extends the Life of Your Vehicle 

When you look at the bottom line, your vehicle is an investment. Buying a vehicle is an additional expense to every budget. As with any investment, the more attention and care you put into it, the better your return. Having a professional auto detailer handle the protection, clean-up, and maintenance of your vehicle’s interior and exterior will significantly increase the life of your vehicle. There is artistry, passion, and vast knowledge behind every service we offer at Mile High Image Detailing. You will receive a discounted price for all of our services by storing your vehicle with us in Arvada.   The the time will come for you to part ways with your at some point along the way car. When that time comes, the condition of your vehicle will significantly affect its value at the selling time. Maintaining professional upkeep of your car will allow it to be in the best condition possible. While in your care, investing in your investment is also investing in yourself.   Protecting your vehicle in a covered auto storage facility allows your truck to fight less and love you more. Our facility is also temperature controlled, ensuring your car is ready to roll when you are worry-free.  

Access to Regular Maintenance Services 

Sometimes these investments, our vehicles, become a member of the family, and we would like to keep them around as long as possible. Regularly servicing your vehicle is an essential key to ensuring longevity. At Mile High Image Detailing, we offer various daily, weekly and monthly services to ensure your vehicle remains in top condition year-round. We provide membership deals on our auto detailing and exterior protection packages for our car storage patrons in Arvada. What more appropriate a place to store your vehicle than with a team who can appropriately treat your vehicle while with us. Whenever you pick up your automobile from storage in Arvada, you know it will be sparkling just for you.  

Professional Car Storage in Arvada, Colorado 

Auto storage facilities offer many benefits for your everyday car owner. Our auto storage facility in Arvada is unlike any other in the Denver metro area. When you choose to reach out to Mile High Image Detailing to protect your vehicle, you will feel the white glove treatment in every interaction. From car share entrepreneurs to families on vacation, monthly auto storage offers you peace of mind in the security of your vehicles. Treat your outfitted adventure auto to regular services, ensuring it will be around for many adventures to come. The Mile High Image Detailing team is trained in the most advanced techniques in the auto detailing industry.   Coloradans who work from home or use shared transportation in their daily commutes can also benefit from storing their vehicle in an auto storage facility in Arvada. Protecting your vehicle from the elements can make an important impact on the life of your car. You will benefit from adequately caring for your vehicle for years to come. Reach out to Mile High Image Detailing today so we can talk about the different ways auto car storage in Arvada can benefit you. Our team believes that no two vehicles are alike, just as their owners. We take pride in creating the best, customized protection package for your car to match your lifestyle. Protect your vehicle with ease and enjoy it for years to come when you choose to store your vehicle in Arvada with Mile High Image Detailing.