Benefits of Ceramic Coating

August 31, 2021by drazen doslo

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If you spend a lot of time in your car, it should be a haven for you in your daily life. People tend to be happier with their lives and with themselves if they live and work in a tidy space. Why should your car be any different? The drive to and from work is often the only time many people are able to enjoy their own company with no interruptions. Suppose you roll the windows down, blast metal music, stay up to date with your favorite podcast, or enjoy driving in silence. Everyone deserves to decompress in an environment that is clean and reliable. Owning a car is much more than the initial price tag. Routine maintenance is key to a happy, healthy, and long-term relationship with your vehicle.  Most people know regular oil changes, tire rotations, and brake checks lend to longevity, but maintaining your vehicle’s interior and exterior appearance should also be considered a priority. In the Denver area, Mile High Image Detailing is here to help you maintain the best exterior for you and your vehicle. Ceramic coating is one of the best ways to protect the body of your car. It will keep it clean for years to come. Let’s dive in a little deeper.  Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Why do you want to Keep the Exterior of Your Vehicle Clean?

A car driven regularly gets subjected to ultraviolet rays from the sun, minerals, moisture from rain and snow, and contaminants like bird droppings, dirt, and road salt. Add in the fact that Denver is a mile above sea level, our protection from the ozone is significantly less. Our high altitude leaves your vehicle, as well as your skin, more vulnerable to these UV rays.   Regular car washes are vital to prevent corrosion and to maintain resale value. While a car is not always a status symbol, it is still an extension of character and an accessory attached to your personality. All vehicles benefit from maintaining a clean exterior, whether an AWD, hybrid, minivan, sedan, or show car. We recommend washing your vehicle at a minimum of every two weeks to maintain the beautiful finish, remove contaminants and prevent rusting. There are several options for maintaining a car’s paint job and finish, and even more levels within each option.

Ways to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Exterior Finish in Colorado

Every car has a clear coat of resin over the color paint to prevent corrosion and peeling. The clear coat is the first line of defense to a car’s exterior and body. All vehicles come from the factory with this standard coating. The most common paint protection methods to apply on the clear coat are wax, sealants, and ceramic coating. These protectants can prevent rust, maintain paint shine, repel water and water stains, and offer scratch resistance for your vehicle. While the most affordable, waxing needs multiple applications each year as it is not very permanent. Sealants are reasonably easy to apply and offer more protection than wax but less than ceramic coating. The ceramic coating provides the best protection, requires regular care, and is more expensive. Wax is an excellent option for collectors and show cars. These vehicles are rarely outside, and the owners already keep the vehicles in pristine condition. Environmental contaminants and harsh soaps easily break through the wax, requiring frequent applications. Sealants do not leave the deep shine as a quality wax does, but the protection will last a few months. Protective sealants are synthetic, easy to remove, and easy to replace. On the other hand, ceramic coating, also known as nano-ceramic coating, outshines both wax and sealant. This protective layer is applied meticulously by hand and can last for years.

What is Ceramic Coating for Cars?

Ceramic coating is a silica-based liquid polymer that uses nanotechnology to fill in the minute pores within a car’s paint job. It is a long-lasting shell that protects your vehicle from water stains, bird droppings, and road grime harming the paint. A quick rinse of your vehicle and these contaminants will slide right off because the ceramic coating is hydrophobic or repels water. Think of the process like wood staining; the application is involved, but the results are worth it, long-lasting, and noticeable. While you can DIY ceramic coating, the process is best left to the professionals. Suppose the car is not flawlessly polished prior to application. In that case, the ceramic coating will magnify all imperfections, including scratches, discolorations, and swirls from washing. Even a brand-new car will need to be polished prior to applying a ceramic coating, as automatic car washes can damage the paint and leave swirl marks. As light bounces off the coating, defects will appear, so make sure you polish before coating to achieve that perfect glossy look in the end.

Benefits of Applying Ceramic Coating to your Vehicle

Protects from Water Spotting and Chemical Stains

Rain, snow, and even hose water contain chemicals and minerals. When the water evaporates, these minerals are left behind on a car’s exterior, creating visible spots and chemical stains. The ceramic coating prevents these naturally acidic contaminants from bonding to the paint, resulting in a resistant finish to staining. Living in Colorado comes with months of surprise snowstorms. Without proper maintenance or protection, the exterior of your vehicle takes a toll during these seasons.

Protection from Corrosion

A car left outside in the elements has a higher chance of corrosion than a car that is permanently housed in a garage or only driven on sunny days. While we all wish that were the case, it is not realistic for most car owners. Even the sun can dull paint, especially at our altitude. Ceramic coating offers protection from ultraviolet or UV rays, reducing paint oxidation. Need we mention again how much more vulnerable your vehicle is to UV rays in Colorado?

Ceramic Coating Makes Cleaning Easier

We all love that look of a freshly cleaned car. Watching water bead right off, knowing that the dirt will not stick brings satisfaction like no other. The road can be a dirty place, even with ceramic coating. Applying a ceramic coating makes that freshly washed car look last longer by preventing dirt and mud from sticking to your car. While mineral deposits and dirt might be visible on a vehicle with a ceramic coating, after a quick rinse, minor road grime will slide right off if caught early. The ceramic coating makes it harder for contaminants to stick to your car.    Ceramic coating provides a layer over your paint that repels water, but that does not mean it eliminates the need to wash your car. However, it makes it easier to remove contaminants during each wash. Over time, with or without a ceramic coating, pollutants that are left on the exterior of your vehicle will begin to try and embed themselves into the exterior coating of your vehicle. Be careful of automatic car washes with brushes, as they can leave swirl marks on your car.

Adds Sheen to Your Vehicle

A bonus to the protection it provides, ceramic coating will bring out the most accurate color in your vehicle’s paint. After a ceramic coating is applied, the final sheen of a vehicle shows a depth to the color you would not see otherwise. This enhancive reflective property allows you to easily be seen by other drivers, making driving at night a little safer.

Quality of Durability

A ceramic coating is one of the most durable protection options for the exterior of your vehicle. The recommended application for wax is once a season or every three months. A ceramic coating can last up to a decade when properly cared for! That is protection for virtually the entire life of your vehicle. At Mile High Image Detailing, we offer Modesta ceramic coatings, up to three times more resistant to scratches. We should mention that while astonishingly durable, a ceramic coating will not be able to completely protect your vehicle from rock chips or debris coming at you at high speed. Consider adding a paint protection film onto your vehicle for the strongest shield to your exterior.

Protects Your Investment

The vehicle that your purchase, whether that be your day-to-day commuter car or a luxury show automobile, is an investment. Protecting and caring for your car ensures your vehicle will be in the best condition possible down the line. In the future, when it is time for you to part ways, you want to be sure you have done everything possible to have the highest resale value at that time. Protecting your vehicle with a ceramic coating application will allow your car to shine for years to come.

Ceramic Coating Application in Denver

For those of you in the Denver metro area, Mile High Image Detailing is here to help you clean, protect, and maintain the interior and exterior of your vehicle. We use top-of-the-line products across our services, with a white glove treatment for you and your vehicle. Please book your free estimate with us today, and let’s come up with the perfect plan to protect your vehicle according to its lifestyle.