All You Need to Know About Auto Ceramic Coating in Arvada

November 11, 2022by drazen doslo

Your car is an essential commodity that serves you functionally and is an irreplaceable part of your routine. However, external factors such as parking lots, tree saps, bird droppings, acidic rains, and dirt roads are common potential threats to the overall appearance of your vehicle. Common contaminants do not care if it is your everyday ride or prized possession. Imagine losing the shine and gloss of your car despite regular cleaning. This time of year, vehicles near Arvada, Colorado, are frequently exposed to road salts as wintery weather sets in. 

Nowadays, ceramic coating is available for your automobile to safeguard it from scratches and erosion. An auto ceramic coating in Arvada not only protects your favorite vehicle from abrasion but also boosts the longevity of your vehicle. A professionally done ceramic coating near Arvada, Colorado, is remarkable for increasing the durability of your car.  

Let us take a walk through the essentials of ceramic coating and resolve your queries about ceramic coating services in Arvada, Colorado. 


Nano or auto ceramic coating in Arvada can be crucial to maintain the brand value of your car. These coatings are applied on the car’s exterior surface as an additional layer of protection. Ceramic coatings protect your vehicle’s paint against common contaminants like dust, water, and scratches.

Ceramic coating is available both in solid and liquid forms. At Mile High Image Detailing, we use the industry’s premier ceramic coating in Arvada, which has proven even to offer effective bacterial resistance. As certified installers of Modesta ceramic coatings in Arvada, Mile High Image Detailing offers supreme service to the Denver metro area. Giving your vehicle the best also gives your investment the best, setting your future self up for success. 

Process of Applying Ceramic Coating in Arvada

Firstly, your vehicle is carefully hand-washed with pH-balanced soap and water for surface decontamination without disrupting the exterior of your car. After being hand dried, our professional auto detailing technicians may give your vehicle an additional clay bath to ensure the removal of microparticles. 

Before proceeding further, we inspect your car for paint corrections that may require attention. Afterward, we carefully do a complete panel wipe so that no oil or contaminants remain. This step is pivotal for better bonding of the ceramic coating to your car’s clear coat paint.

Finally, our professional auto detailing technicians apply the ceramic coating with the help of tools such as a sponge, micro-fiber cloth, or machine. The certified ceramic coating technicians undergo regular training using modern techniques. Experts at Mile High Image Detailing recommend 12-24 hours as the initial curing time for the best results. Now, you are ready to enjoy the deep luster of your car’s paint and ceramic coating for years to come. 


Ceramic coatings have become quite popular nowadays. They have several advantages that improve the overall look and help in easy maintenance of your car. Coloradans are increasingly choosing to protect their vehicles with ceramic coatings, protecting their investment in their car. 

Ceramic coatings have hydrophobic properties. 

Water spots can damage your car’s paint, affecting the exterior look. However, the ceramic coating has the inherent property of repelling water. Therefore, it can be immensely beneficial to prevent such spots by kicking all the dirty water that could do potential harm. It also makes your car easy to clean when you are graced with contaminants like bird droppings. Regular washes take a fraction of the time!

Ceramic coatings in Arvada offer added protection for your vehicle’s exterior.  

A ceramic coating is a substantial defense against many common contaminants of your vehicle’s paint, such as harmful UV sun rays and chemicals. Stronger than the factory clear coat by up to 3 times, ceramic coatings provide long-lasting paint protection. The elite Modesta line even has a self-healing property, allowing it to protect your vehicle for up to 10 years. 

Ceramic coatings are cost-effective for Coloradans. 

The ceramic coating may initially seem expensive in place of a cheaper alternative, such as wax. When you compare the cost-effectiveness, then it stands out in multiple areas. Due to its inherent hydrophobic nature, you spend less on professional car washing or multiple aggressive scrubbing sessions at home. The lasting protection of a ceramic coating in Arvada also requires fewer applications than wax. When it is time to part ways with your car, you have a higher value because the original paint is protected. Overall, the financial savings a ceramic coating in Arvada brings are exponential.  


Let’s clear up two common misconceptions about auto ceramic coatings near Arvada, Colorado. 

Ceramic coating makes your car completely scratch-proof.

The appropriate term for labeling the advantage of ceramic coating in Arvada is scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof. A ceramic coating protects your car’s paint by protecting the car’s clear coat. Ceramic coatings are best known for protecting against harmful UV rays, acidic contaminants, and minor scratches. 

Cars with ceramic coatings in Arvada require no maintenance.

There is a common misconception that ceramic coating eliminates the need for regular maintenance. Although the hydrophobic nature of auto ceramic coatings repels most dirt, water, and grime, regular maintenance is still required. Washes help maintain your car and the ceramic coating, to enhance and retain the benefits for years to come. 


Here are four common questions about auto ceramic coating applications near Denver, Colorado. 

Is ceramic coating needed for your car?

You can avoid ceramic coating if you do not care much about your car and plan to keep it only for a short time. If you prefer to avoid spending on your car or washing it regularly, you may omit a ceramic coating application easily. Ceramic coating is an excellent option if you long for your vehicle to have a deep luster with the perfect sheen, highlighting that perfect paint job. Your car can look even better than when you first saw it in the showroom. 

How long do ceramic coatings last?

Premier ceramic coating applications in Arvada, like our Modesta Private Label ceramic coating in Arvada, can last up to a decade or more. The lifespan of the ceramic coating depends on various factors, such as the brand you chose, if you drive in extreme weather, or use harsh chemicals for your vehicle. Proper maintenance of your car will extend the life of the ceramic coating, protecting your vehicle for years to come. 

Does ceramic coating in Arvada make any difference?

A ceramic coating in Arvada can make a difference. It adds value to your car by protecting and restoring shine, helping maintain your vehicle’s value. Also, you may omit the frequent wax services, focusing on routine washes. Even the regular washes are quicker and easier, thanks to the hydrophobic nature of ceramic coatings. This can be extra helpful during the winter; a quick rinse to remove road salt will help your paint be beautiful for years. 

What are the benefits of ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating in Arvada protects your car’s paint against light scratches, road grime, acid rain, and harmful UV rays. Here you can learn more about the benefits of ceramic coating in Arvada, Colorado. 


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