Advantages of Applying Ceramic Coating to Your Car in Colorado

September 22, 2022by drazen doslo

Ceramic coatings are quickly becoming a well-known and sought-after exterior auto protection by vehicle owners. Appealing for the deep, glossy shine the exterior of your vehicle is left with, applying ceramic coating does more than making your car shine. 


Protecting the paint on the exterior of your car is effortless when a ceramic coating is applied. Extensive training is required to use a ceramic coating properly and should not be attempted at home without this knowledge. Mile High Image Detailing is Arvada’s trusted service provider for ceramic coating applications in the Denver metro area. 


What is Ceramic Coating? 


Ceramic coating is a protective layer of glass that uses nanotechnology to create a durable barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the contaminants of the world. A nanoscopic paint treatment, ceramic coating is applied as a liquid that hardens after it cures. The silicon dioxide, or SIO2, and polymer blend combine to create the level of hardness and specifications of each ceramic coating. 


A lasting bond is formed by adhering to the clear coat layer of your vehicle’s paint. Ceramic coatings are the optimal alternative to wax, lasting from 2-10 years. All Modesta ceramic coatings in Arvada at Mile High Image Detailing come with a 10-year warranty. 


Ceramic coatings can be permanent or impermanent depending on the polymer blend of the coating you apply. However, ceramic coatings should never be applied or removed by anyone who is not a trained professional. 


Benefits of Ceramic Coating on Cars in Arvada, Colorado 


More and more vehicle owners in Arvada, Colorado, are choosing to apply a ceramic coating to protect their vehicle’s paint. With a range of benefits, ceramic coating enhances all cars. Luxury vehicles, antique show cars, outfitted adventurers, and daily drives all live their best life with a ceramic coating. Mile High Image Detailing is here to give you and your vehicle the white glove treatment with every ceramic coating application. 


Find out more on how ceramic coatings especially benefit vehicles driven in Colorado below. 


Protection from Harmful UV Rays 


At a mile above sea level and higher, the Denver metro area thrives in a thinner atmosphere than most of the United States. Living at such a high elevation impacts the amount of ozone protection we receive. This deficiency in atmospheric protection means the harmful UV rays are stronger the higher altitude you climb. 


Some UV rays from the sun are considered harmful when directly received in excess. These harmful UV rays encourage the paint on your vehicle to oxidize. Oxidation fades the color of your paint, as overexposure to heat and oxygen breaks down the chemical structure of the paint. The gradual process dries out your paint, leaving it oilless and resulting in a dull, chalky, faded version of the color it once was. 


Luckily, ceramic coatings protect against UV rays. Most ceramic coatings with a 9H hardness are UV resistant, adding years to the life of your paint. At Mile High Image Detailing, we offer the premier ceramic coatings available on the market and back them with a 10-year guarantee. 


Auto Exterior is Easier to Clean 


Ceramic coatings are formulated to have a hydrophobic nature, meaning water will bead and run off rather than sitting on top of the vehicle. This encourages common contaminants such as dirt, mud, and road salt to slide right back to the earth where they came from. Washing your car is quicker and easier without using so much elbow grease after applying a ceramic coating in Arvada. 


Unlike wax, you do not need to worry about the ceramic coating washing off. The polymer blend adheres to the final layer of your vehicle’s exterior paint and requires much more than rough washing to come off. Modesta’s BC-04 ceramic coating is also scratch resistant, helping you clean with added peace of mind. 


Enhances Depth and Shine of Paint 


One of the most popular advantages of applying a ceramic coating to your car in Arvada, Colorado, is the incredible look of your vehicle after. Because ceramic coatings are a type of glass, the luster of a car with ceramic coating is hard to beat. 


A ceramic coating will highlight the best and worst of your paint job. Auto paint correction is recommended for some cars before applying a ceramic coating. Auto paint correction will remove swirl marks and paint defects- the ultimate exterior detail for your vehicle. Creating the perfect base for a ceramic coating will allow the intended hue of the paint’s color to shine through.


The depth of the paint and shine are increased from 20% to 40% with Modesta ceramic coatings. Make an impression that lasts with your car looking its best. 


Common Contaminant Protection


Adding a ceramic coating to the exterior of your vehicle adds a layer of protection to the paint. This added layer of protection is critical to combating everyday contaminants we encounter. Daily or only on special occasions, driving exposes your vehicle to various harmful possibilities. 


Pollen and dust in the air will settle onto the exterior of your vehicle. When not washed off, road salt will erode the paint on your car. Dirt and grime driven through can also wreak havoc on unprotected paint. Acidic contaminants in the air can also leave chemical stains on your paint.


Ceramic coatings protect the paint on your vehicle from these everyday driving hazards. To truly protect your car, regular washing is still required after a ceramic coating is applied. As mentioned above, washing off these dangers becomes a breeze thanks to the hydrophobic nature of ceramic coatings.


Maintains the Value of Your Investment 


Protecting the paint on your vehicle comes with long-term benefits also. The short-term benefits of applying a ceramic coating to your car in Arvada, Colorado, above safeguard your paint from daily contaminants that create damage over time. 


When you chose to buy or lease your vehicle, you also made an investment. The best way to ensure any investment is a safe one is to make sure you are maintaining it properly. Regularly servicing your car ensures it runs smoothly and without issue. Applying a ceramic coating to the exterior of your vehicle ensures the paint will be in good shape. 


You may decide to part ways with your vehicle in a few years. When that moment comes, the value of your car will be determined by its current condition. Maintaining your vehicle’s paint in pristine condition by protecting it with a ceramic coating is the recommended way to protect your investment. 


Ceramic Coating Application in Arvada 


Now that you know all about the top five benefits of applying a ceramic coating to your car in Arvada, which one are you most excited about?


Whether you are considering applying a ceramic coating to your everyday car, your outdoor adventure vehicle, or a luxury show car, Mile High Image Detailing is Arvada’s trusted ceramic coating applicator. 


We are one of the only providers trained and certified by Modesta coatings in the Denver metro area. Each of our Modesta Ceramic Coatings in Arvada, Colorado, comes with a 10-year guarantee. Modesta is the premium ceramic coating curator in the industry. 


Are you looking to give your vehicle ultimate protection? Ask us about adding a layer of paint protection film after the ceramic coating. The Mile High Image Detailing team is here to provide you with the ultimate white glove treatment for you and your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule your free ceramic coating consultation or auto detailing.