What are the Benefits of Professional Auto Detailing in Denver, Colorado?

September 6, 2022by drazen doslo

There are countless different ways to clean your vehicle. Many car owners opt to clean their vehicles from a drive-thru car wash to washing the car at home. However, having your vehicle professionally detailed does more than save you time and energy. Let’s talk more about professional auto detailing in Denver and how it can rejuvenate your life.


What is the Difference Between a Car Wash and Auto Detailing?


Although often used interchangeably, auto detailing and a car wash are very different services to clean your vehicle. Both auto detailing and car wash can apply to the interior or exterior of your car, although an ‘interior wipe-down’ is more commonly used than an ‘interior car wash.’ 


The term ‘car wash’ applies to cleaning and removing the surface level of dirt, grime, and contaminants from your car. A car wash includes washing your car at home, an automated drive-thru car wash, or a professional hand wash with an interior vacuum and wipe-down. 


Auto detailing services clean your vehicle a step further. Going beyond the surface level of dirt, auto detailing cleans the crevices while maintaining the integrity of your car. The deep cleaning of auto detailing requires specialized tools and solutions to reach every area of the interior or exterior of your vehicle. 


In an ideal scenario, auto detailings are maintained with regular washes between services. Frequently washing the exterior and wiping down or vacuuming your vehicle’s interior will extend any auto detailing service. 


Advantages of Auto Detailing by Professionals 


Many car enthusiasts enjoy spending time taking care of their cars. Regular, at-home cleaning with the proper chemicals is always recommended. However, having a professional auto detail your vehicle has many extra advantages. Below are some of the top benefits when you have your car detailing done by a professional. 


Enhances Your Car’s Performance


Your car was designed to cut through the air as you drive it down the open road. When contaminants are also hitching a ride, they change the intended curvature of the panels, affecting your vehicle’s performance. At Mile High Image Detailing, exterior auto detailing services in Denver, Colorado, come with a layer of protection to discourage contaminants from riding along. 


Engine cleaning is also an auto detailing service that a professional should only do. Cleaning off grime and dust from your engine can enhance performance and create a less combustion-prone space for you to drive in peace. 


Extends Your Car’s Lifespan


The lifespan of your vehicle is ultimately determined by how it is maintained throughout the years. When you schedule professional auto detailing in Denver, you are putting the maintenance of your car as a priority. 


Auto detailing cleans while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle. A standard auto detailing phrase is “Clean, Restore, Protect.” During auto detailing, dirt and other allergens are removed from the surface. Deep cleaning commences, minimizing and removing stains and cleaning the crevices. After the deep cleaning, your vehicle’s surfaces are a clean slate – the perfect opportunity to add leather conditioner, for example. Then, surfaces are sealed with appropriate protection. 


This mindset of maintaining your car’s surfaces while cleaning allows you to enjoy your vehicle in its optimal condition for as long as you are together. 


Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle 


When the components that make up your car are in good shape, they hold more value. Why is holding value a benefit? As the years go by, the value of your vehicle changes. 


From a financial perspective, your vehicle is an investment. When you invest in a vehicle, your return on the investment comes when you are ready to sell it. Professionally auto detailing your car in Denver will extend the lifespan of your car’s components (like the interior surfaces or exterior paint). Whenever you are ready to sell your vehicle, it will have a higher resale value if it is still in excellent condition. 


Investing in maintaining your investment will pay off in the end. Professional auto detailing will help keep your car in the best condition possible, setting your future self up for success. 


Drive Healthier in a Safer Car


Professional auto detailing makes your car safer while on the road. Did you know, in some states, the condition of your windshield can impact where the fault for an accident lies? It’s true! If you are driving with a dirty or cluttered windshield vehicle and are involved in an accident, you could be liable for driving an unsafe motor vehicle. Clean auto glass after a professional auto detail leaves you with a crystal clear view of the road, and the gorgeous Colorado views. 


Allergens are quick to build up in a vehicle. Recycled air can pull contaminants like pollen, dust, and smoke into the air circulatory system, sending it straight to you to breathe in. Interior auto detailing professionals, like our Mile High Image Detailing team, meticulously clean each nook and cranny, removing allergens from those hard-to-reach places. Sometimes, you can also have your ventilation system cleaned out during an interior auto detail. 


Breathe easy and see clear after a professional auto detail in Denver. 


The Clean Space Effect 


Scientific studies repeatedly suggest that humans can think more clearly in a clean environment. While ‘clean’ may look different for everyone, the feeling of stepping inside a clean space is undeniable. 


When you think about it, the time we spend in our car contains some of the most critical moments; little moments that build to monumental memories. Riding to your new school, going out on a first date, practicing your pitch for the morning meeting, a moment of quiet privacy, and recapping the event on the way home are just a few examples of epic moments spent in our car. With such significant thoughts taking place in our car, don’t we deserve to have them in a clear space? 


Scheduling your vehicle for professional auto detailing will set you up for more moments of clarity in the chaos. Whether you are ready to clean out the weekend Rocky Mountain excursion or buildup from daily drives, Mile High Image Detailing is Denver’s preferred professional auto detailer. 


That Like-New Look and Feel 


One of our favorite moments as professional auto detailers in Denver is when we see the customer’s reaction upon completion. A car freshly detailed by a professional can look even better than when you brought it home the first time. 


First impressions sometimes begin with your vehicle. Company cars, picking up a date, or arriving at an event are examples of vehicles being a part of the impression you give. While looks are not everything, starting with a clean car that is well taken care of builds trust. Not to mention the confidence boost seeing your vehicle shine in the sunlight or sitting down in a clean car gives every time. 


Trained, Knowledgeable Professionals 


One of the most critical advantages of cleaning your car with a professional auto detailer is the wealth of knowledge behind your service. Auto detailing technicians train to understand the details that set each manufacturer apart. Each step in car detailing has a purpose that sets up the next stage for success. 


Professional auto detailing technicians, like the Mile High Image Detailing team, study to know which solution is safe to use on each surface. This expertise allows us to give your car the special care it needs to be in the best condition possible.  


Professional Auto Detailing in Denver, Colorado 


For knowledgeable, certified auto detailing technicians in Denver, Colorado, look no further than Mile High Image Detailing. Passion for elevating cars to their optimal condition drives each auto detailing service we offer. Training and skill build our knowledge and experience as we continue to be certified in and offer top-quality auto detailing services. We strive for white-glove service, from customer service to car care. Book your professional auto detailing appointment in Denver, Colorado, today!