Benefits of storing your Luxury or Classic Car in Arvada, Colorado

October 9, 2021by drazen doslo

Have you ever considered storing your luxury car? Perhaps you take public transportation during the week but like to drive on weekends, leaving your vehicle parked uncovered during the workweek. Do you need to park your automobile in a secure place while on vacation? Or are you searching for long-term storage for show cars? Maybe you have been eyeing a luxury car you want to buy, either for your second home or your weekend adventures. Whatever the reason, investing in the best automobile storage services may pay off well in the long term. Long-term storage facilities are experts in protecting and cleaning automobiles that are not in use. Your automobiles are an investment and a cherished item you want to be well-cared for. For luxury car owners in Arvada, CO, look no further than Mile High Image Detailing for all of your car storage needs. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of storing your luxury and collectible vehicles.   Table of Contents: 

  1. How Does Luxury Car Storage Work? 
  2. Benefits of Investing in Luxury Automobile Long Term Storage 
  3. How to Decide if Storage is Best for You and Your Luxury Vehicle 
  4. Luxury Car Storage in Arvada, Colorado 

How Does Luxury Car Storage Work? 

Storing your luxury vehicle ensures your vehicle will be protected when you are not actively using it.   Once your vehicle arrives on-site, it will be subjected to inspections. This protects the facility from being accused of causing damage while also informing you, the client, of anything that has gone overlooked. After the induction, there will be some papers to complete, and you will be ready to leave! In most cases, you may drop your automobile off at a facility, generally at a pre-arranged time. The service provider will prepare the space and arrange for the necessary vehicle tests upon arrival. Alternatively, many prestigious facilities will be able to pick up your vehicle.

Benefits of Investing in Luxury Automobile Long Term Storage 

Investing in professional auto storage is investing in your luxury vehicle. There are many benefits to storing your luxury vehicle in a specialized auto storage facility. You will be sure that your luxury car is protected and have access to regular maintenance, giving you a peace of mind that your luxury vehicle is in perfect condition. Let us dive into each of these benefits more in-depth.  

Properly Protected and Secure  

Safety always comes first. Whether you require auto storage throughout the week, on an irregular basis, like during holidays or vacations, or for several years at a time, you will want to know that your vehicle is held in a secure area. Vehicle storage businesses specializing in long-term auto care invest in high-tech security measures and 24-hour monitoring.  This asset is precious if you own a high-end, collectible, show, or luxury car (although all vehicles stored at storage facilities will benefit from these security standards). Only trustworthy, verified workers will access the autos at the top luxury auto storage facilities in Arvada. Some facilities include individual, lockable garages for each car. When you store your vehicle with Mile High Image Detailing in Arvada, you will sleep easy knowing your vehicle is safe and secure. Our facility is in a discreet location that will not draw attention from passersby. With 5 cameras inside the facility and multiple cameras outside, all areas of our luxury car storage in the Denver metro area are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Access to Regular Maintenance 

One of the primary advantages of choosing to store your luxury automobile with luxury vehicle storage professionals is having access to their services. Regular maintenance of your vehicle is one of the best ways to maintain your vehicle in peak condition. Professional luxury vehicle storage facilities offer services that typically include protection and wrap services (such as ceramic coatings and window tinting), professional interior and exterior detailing, and routine washing. Suppose you merely keep your automobile in a garage for an extended length of time. In that case, you risk the gradual deterioration of vehicle parts or coating due to storage conditions, dust, and rust. You are extending the life and dynamism of your vehicle by leaving it at a facility that provides washing, detailing, and protection services.   Mile High Image Detailing specializes in the auto detailing and protection of luxury vehicles in Arvada. We use only the premier, highest quality products to give you the highest quality of security for your luxury car. All vehicles are washed using a foam gun, a ph neutral shampoo with a grit guard, and hand dried using ultra-plush microfiber towels. We apply premier techniques to ensure your luxury vehicle remains in perfect condition at every turn.    

Brings a Peace of Mind 

When you purchase a vehicle, especially a high-end one, you will want to do everything in your power to keep it protected. Luxury vehicles are investments we make yet are tied to our desires. When you choose your luxury car, it becomes a part of the family. Knowing that your newest addition, or old friend, is in trustworthy hands while off the road can turn a worry into a relief.   When you decide to store your luxury vehicle in Arvada with Mile High Image Detailing, the condition of your car will be the last thing on your mind. Our passion for providing white glove treatment to all of our customers and their vehicles shines through in every interaction. We take our jobs seriously and ensure your vehicle receives the appropriate care. Minor distinctions between vehicle models can make all the difference in the condition of your luxury car. Mile High Image Detailing is committed to ensuring your vehicle receives the best care at every moment. You may unwind, knowing that your luxury vehicle is in capable hands. One less thing to be concerned about!

Perfect Conditions for Your Luxury Car in Arvada 

When looking for the best luxury auto storage facility for your luxury vehicle, make sure it pays careful attention to the building’s condition. To keep your automobile in perfect condition, it should ideally be stored in a covered, temperature-controlled facility. The temperature should be between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (F) to protect your car’s paint, interior, and other components. Many self-storage units or garages do not have this option, which might be costly.  The Mile High Image Detailing luxury vehicle storage facility in Arvada, Colorado, is temperature-controlled, maintaining the perfect conditions for your car year-round. Keep your luxury vehicle out of the harsh elements and protected from Mother Nature, and store your luxury vehicle in Arvada with Mile High Image Detailing today. Your luxury vehicle, investment, and future self will thank you for it.  

How to Decide if Storage is Best for You and Your Luxury Vehicle 

It is critical to complete your research on which auto storage facility is best for you. For example, should you still need to use your automobile daily, you should choose one that is close to your home and that you can pick up at any time. Suppose you are looking for value for money in a storage facility whose main priority is the health of your car. In that case, peruse the packages offered by each professional local luxury vehicle storage facility. Look for a company that will genuinely look after your vehicle rather than just leaving it sitting under a cover until you are ready to drive it again.   Think about what is most important to you overall when it comes to the purpose of storing your luxury vehicle. Visit the companies, maybe even have your car detailed to see if their company standards match yours. Ask questions, and see who you feel comfortable storing your luxury vehicle in Arvada, Colorado.  

Luxury Car Storage in Arvada, Colorado 

When you choose to store your luxury automobile with Mile High Image Detailing, you can be sure your vehicle will be in great hands. Our discreet location is just 15 minutes outside Denver, making it an accessible location. Requiring only half an hour of notification, your luxury vehicle is readily accessible to you at any time you desire.   We can take care of the necessary maintenance needs for your luxury car or just upkeep your luxury automobiles so they remain in exquisite shape for years to come! All luxury vehicles stored with us will also receive maintenance services at a membership rate, keeping the overall maintenance cost of your luxury car low.   Mile High Image Detailing is Arvada’s trusted local luxury vehicle storage facility. Reach out to us today and let’s talk more about how storing your luxury vehicle can benefit you. We look forward to working with you on restoring, maintaining, and protecting the value of your luxury vehicle. Our highly trained technicians will walk you through the benefits of each option within our services. Learn more about how to properly protect your luxury car while you are enjoying its pristine conditions on the road in some of our other blogs. Mile High Image Detailing has the white glove treatment you and your vehicle deserve for all of your luxury vehicle needs.