What exactly is a Paint Protection Film?

August 24, 2021by drazen doslo2

Paint protection film, have you heard of it? Some people are more familiar with its nickname, auto clear bra. Both names bring us to the same product; a plastic film that stretches and adheres to the exterior panels of your vehicle. We’re going to go over a paint protection film 101. For those thinking about having a clear bra installed, keep reading to understand what paint protection film is, where it comes from, how it benefits your vehicle. We offer several types of paint protection film services in Denver at Mile High Image Detailing.    

What is a Clear Bra?

A clear bra is another name for paint protection film. This film is a polymer mix that creates a flexible, transparent plastic shield. Some movies even have a urethane or polyurethane layer on the top that will self-heal minor scratches that occur. The bottom layer of a clear bra is an acrylic-based solution that gives the film its flexible adhesive properties, allowing it to match the contour of every panel.

How was Paint Protection Film Made?

Paint protection film had other uses before it became an accessible auto exterior protection option. In fact, ‘clear bra’ was not the first nickname, either! The first nickname of the paint protection film was ‘helicopter tape.’ Why do you ask?  During the Vietnam War, the United States military replaced helicopter rotors at a high rate. The dust and debris from the war environment were causing the rotors to erode at an alarming rate. 3M teamed up with the military to develop a product to help solve this issue. The result was a flexible yet durable polymer blend that could wrap the rotors individually. It allowed them to take better care of the helicopter rotors for the military. The film provided enough protection and was simple to replace when needed. And that, my friends, was the birth of today’s clear bra.  From there, NASCAR popularized the use of the film in the 1980s when they realized how much nicer the sponsor decals were when they were placed on the film, which was easily replaceable. This budget-friendly discovery made the sponsors happy as their emblems remained easy to read on the tv screen each race.   During the 1990s, paint protection film was made accessible to the general public after becoming a popular trend with high-end vehicles and show vehicles. Today it remains one of the best protection options for you and your vehicle.

What is Paint Protection Film Used for Today?

Paint Protection Film is used as a layer of protection for the exterior of your vehicle against everyday contaminants. There are often different levels of coverage offered. The three paint protection film installation packages we provide in Denver are listed below!

Colorado’s Environmental Hazards for your Vehicle’s Exterior

In Denver, the paint on the exterior of your vehicle is up against some powerful elements. Being closer to the sun brings less protection from the harsh UV rays, fading the paint on your car faster. In the winter, we have lovely skiing weather, which brings debris harmful to your vehicle. Winter debris includes road salt, sand for the snow, magnesium chloride, and rocks trapped in ice. No matter the season, the Rocky Mountains next door are no doubt beautiful, as is the rest of the state of Colorado. These picturesque locations will always welcome your vehicle with a rock chip (or a few!).

Why do I Need to Install Paint Protection Film?

The paint protection film is an integral part of long-term auto care. This film will protect the exterior of your vehicle. Our paint protection film applications at Mile High Image Detailing come with a ten-year warranty. These films will protect the paint on your car from daily driving hazards, and our expert application ensures protection that will last.   This protection is essential to the value of your vehicle in the long term. When the time comes for you to part ways with your car, the condition of your vehicle will be a significant factor in the worth of your vehicle in the future. A full-body clear bra will protect your vehicle for years to come. It gives you one of the best chances to have the original paint job of your car intact down the line. A vehicle is a monetary investment, no matter how big or small. That investment can be properly cared for and maintained to give you the best return for your future. Your future self will thank you for having your back!

What Happens if I am in an Accident?

So you’re ready to apply a clear bra to your vehicle but are worried about the future costs. Maybe you share your car with a younger sibling or someone who has a clumsy driving past. Before you take my word as absolute, be sure to check with your insurance provider on your specific insurance policy and what it covers. However, most comprehensive insurance policies cover replacing any paint protection film on your vehicle that was on a damaged part due to the accident. This means that your first application cost is out of pocket, but the insurance usually covers any future applications under insurance claims. The paint protection film is a layer of protection for the exterior of your vehicle that lasts.

The Mile High Image Detailing Way

Our Philosophy of Paint Protection Film Application

At Mile High Image Detailing, all our paint protection film technicians go through the highest standard of industry training with Premium Shield. We are the only companies certified to install Premium Shield in the Denver area. In keeping with our top quality standards, we offer you a choice in your paint protection film installation. The paint protection films we currently offer are some of the best in the industry: Prestige Film Technologies, Premium Shield, and Suntek/Llumar.

High Standard of Quality

Throughout all of our services offered at Mile High Image Detailing, we strive to provide the highest quality product as well as the best customer experience for you. When applying all paint protection film, we wrap all edges of your panels. This ensures protection that will last for years to come. The lack of exposed edges prevents future peeling and leaves you with the cleanest look. Our goal is for the clear bra to be undetectable to those walking by.   We choose the products we offer because of the top quality of the product. The films we offer all have a self-healing layer on top to remove any scratches or swirl marks that go no deeper than 0.8 mL. If you choose to trust Mile High Image Detailing to apply your paint protection film, you can rest assured you will be receiving the highest quality service in the Denver area.   At Mile High Image Detailing in Denver, Colorado, we offer three different levels of paint protection film packages.   The first package is a standard industry package that protects only the areas on your vehicle that are most likely to be hit by rock chips on the road. Both side mirrors are included in this package, as well as the bumper of your vehicle. On the hood, the film will be placed twenty-four inches up from where the hood meets the bumper. The fenders will also be matched. This paint protection film installation package begins at $1,250 and varies depending on the size of your vehicle and the type of film you choose.   Our second package offered is a mid-coverage package. This means that the full hood and fenders of your vehicle will be covered (rather than just the first twenty-four inches in the first package.). The side mirrors are also included in this package, as is the bumper. For extra coverage, we include the headlights of your vehicle in this package! Protect the entire front end of your vehicle from daily driving stressors with the second paint protection film package offered at Mile High Image Detailing. This package begins at $1,950. Rates vary due to the size of the vehicle and which paint protection film you choose.     Finally, our full coverage paint protection film package is our third offering in Denver, Colorado, at Mile High Image Detailing. This package covers the exterior of your vehicle in its entirety (spoilers not included). It is a full-body clear bra installation! Every panel of your vehicle will be wrapped in the paint protection film you choose, including your headlights. The clear bra will protect the exterior of your vehicle in its entirety. This full-body coverage begins at only $5,500 and fluctuates due to the size of your vehicle and your choice of film. Contact Mile High Image Detailing for the highest quality paint protection film installation in the Denver metro area.   The paint protection film installation packages we offer in Denver, Colorado, at Mile High Image Detailing are your opportunity to customize the protection package that is right for you and your vehicle’s lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your free, no-obligation service quote for your different paint protection film application options right here in Denver, Colorado.


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