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My name is Drazen Fillip Doslo and Mile High Image Detailing represents my love of cars and making them look great. I am the owner & Lead Detailing Expert at Mile High Image Detailing in Denver, Colorado. As a child, I had a passion fixing cars with my father. I remember those countless hours working on our family car. That satisfaction of working with my hands and fixing something is what started my passion for detailing. My passion working on cars turned into a career. My career turned into my business and as a result, Mile High Image Detailing was born.
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If you’re tired of scratches and swirl marks in your vehicle, it’s time for paint correction and polishing services for your car. Mile High Image Detailing in Denver, CO, gives even the most neglected paint our undivided attention. As a result, we can eliminate most of the defects, scratches and swirls in your paint. Our process for vehicle paint correction is usually two steps. In the first step, we make a pass over the entire car with car polishing compounds meant for larger scratches. The second step is much more concentrated on individual areas as we work to polish your car’s paint to a mirror-like finish. Along the way, we always strive to provide you with the utmost care for your vehicle.

If it’s your dream car, your weekend warrior or your daily driver, you can be confident in our team to come to the rescue and fulfill your long-forgotten dream of an unbelievable finish on your vehicle. We can make your car look better than it ever has before. Depending on the condition, we can typically make it look even better than it rolled off the showroom floor! No matter if it’s a wash with some paint over spray on it, paint protection film or our array of our ceramic coatings for cars, we can handle any job big or small.


Paint correction is a process that removes defects and almost all imperfections on your vehicle’s paint to restore the finish you desire. It is the ultimate exterior detail for your vehicle and includes various stages depending on the defects that are present. For example, a thorough paint correction job could include a thorough car detail service: It all begins with a hand car wash, clay bar paint treatment to remove surface contamination, compounding down the imperfections, sanding off or polishing any deep scratches and finishing off the paint for an amazing finish.

The paint correction is designed to safely remove all the swirls and “spider webs” from light to medium scratches. We provide superior quality and only use the best materials including Adams Polishes! We will do everything we can to make it look better than the showroom that your car rolled off of.



Any swirl marks or scratches that are in the paint is actually light that is hitting the paint and being absorbed into the indentation (scratch), thus causing it to stand out from the rest of the paint.

What we do is make sure that you are receiving the most amount of reflection on your paint giving it that glass-like finish.


Polishing actually makes small micro-scratches to work into the larger imperfections and slowly works those imperfections out of the paint while leaving a deep, mirror-like gloss finish.

Example: Sanding you begin with 1500 grit sandpaper then go to 3000 and then 5000 grit and it slowly gets smoother and gives a finer finish.

Then, when you’re ready to protect your paint, we’re happy to report that Mile High Image Detailing is one of the ceramic coating leaders in the Denver, Colorado area for car polishing and paint correction. Mile High Image has the highest standard in paint protection film, Modesta Glass Coatings and in every aspect of our work. We only allow a vehicle to leave our facility if it’s been looked over  and approved to our standard.


A reputation for offering high quality car care service sees the company move towards working exclusively on higher end vehicles.


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We’re a car wash service and detailing team aiming to get your car look the best ever. Get to know us and see why we’re the best choice for you.

  • MAINTENANCE WASH - $74.99 - Estimated Time: 1 Hour
  • PROTECTION PACKAGE - $180 – $210 - Estimated Time: 2-3 Hours
  • INTERIOR DETAIL - $175 – $375 - Estimated Time: 2-5 Hours
  • INTERIOR & EXTERIOR COMBO - $300 – $450 - Estimated Time: 4-7 Hours
  • MILE HIGH BASIC - $350 – $450 - Estimated Time: 3-5 Hours
  • MODESTA BC-08 - $1,400.00 - (Option: Glass & Wheels / Face Only) - $ 950.00
  • MODESTA BC-04 - $2,400.00 - Most Popular / Daily Driver / Snow Driven Vehicles
  • MODESTA PRIVATE LABEL - $3,400.00 - Top Layer Re-Application Every 12-16 Months - $600.00 - Car Show / Exotic Car / Weekend Toy