Is Clear Bra Safe for Rivian Electric Cars in Denver?

October 17, 2021by drazen doslo

When we purchase a new vehicle, it often feels like we are bringing a new member into the family. Even more so when it is a specific car we have been dreaming about owning. If you have purchased a Rivian electric vehicle, you will likely care about this stunning electric car. Rivian cars in Denver, Colorado, will face many of Mother Nature’s elements throughout the seasons. Keeping your Rivian car in Denver protected against the elements will help extend the life of your vehicle, allowing you to enjoy it for years to come. One of the best ways to protect any vehicle in Denver, Colorado, is by applying an auto clear bra. In this article, we will briefly overview the Rivian electric car and brand, as well as facts about an auto clear bra. We will also talk about how an auto clear bra impacts Rivain electric vehicles in Denver.

Clear Bra Auto Detailing Rivian Electric

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a Rivian Electric Car?

  2. What is an Auto Clear Bra?

  3. Benefits of an Auto Clear Bra in Denver

  4. Is Clear Bra Safe for Rivian Electric Cars

  5. Premier Auto Clear Bra Installation in Denver, CO

What is a Rivian Electric Car?

Rivian electric cars are a new brand of vehicle available for purchase. The tagline for Rivian is “Forever Starts Now.” This belief is woven throughout the company’s mission and products. The mission behind Rivian (in a nutshell) is to reduce carbon footprints now to better provide a more positive future for generations to come. Rivian believes in exploring the world around us in a way that does not negatively impact it. With these ethics as the backbone of the company, Rivian was born. Rivian creates electric cars for individuals interested in being a part of a future more connected with nature. From the design of the vehicle’s interiors to being free of any animal by-products and recycled at the end of its life, each detail of a Rivian electric car in Denver has been carefully considered to be a carbon-neutral operation. Rivian currently offers three distinctly different electric vehicles; sprinter vans, R1S, and R1T. The R1S is a four-door SUV with a battery pack expected to last about 300 miles or more. Rivian’s R1T is an electric truck that can go upwards of 400 miles or more with a fully charged battery. The Rivian fleet option is an electric sprinter van. It is a favorite with delivery companies as the world pushes to create a more carbon-neutral way of living. All Rivian cars are ready to explore and are the perfect addition to any Rocky Mountain exploration pack. Rivian also makes other products, aiming to increase sustainability for individuals and companies while increasing efficiency. Some other products Rivian has created include portable chargers, software, and services in addition to electric vehicles.

What is an Auto Clear Bra?

An automotive clear bra is a transparent material that goes on car paint through a thermoplastic application process. The material composition of the transparent sealant layers the car paint, allowing for direct paint protection against scratches, dents, and damages caused by extreme and unpredictable weather forecasts. An auto clear bra extends past a simple paint protection film’s abilities, as its transparency protects all parts of the vehicle. This contributes to the versatility of the clear bra. The elastomeric composition of this thermoplastic paint protector allows for any minor scratches or visible damages to the car to be removed by a simple heat applicant. It is thus effortless to get rid of lighter and minor marks on the vehicle. The clear bra also protects against the Sun’s UV rays with its strong discoloration abilities. It gives the clear bra durability of approximately ten years for anyone seeking vehicle protection. Companies and businesses specializing in auto clear bra applications can be found all over the country and are easily accessible. They are prominent in areas that are more frequently subject to the challenging weather conditions of their respective regions. Mile High Image Detailing offers premier auto clear bra installation in Denver, Colorado.

Benefits of an Auto Clear Bra in Denver, Colorado

Denver is widely known across the country for its Rocky Mountain valleys, snowy weather, and a city commonly subject to hail. Additionally, due mainly to the elevation levels in Denver, CO., these weather events occur more than once a year. Denver locals can expect hefty amounts of snow and salty roads in the winter. The summer season brings with it intense rays from the Sun and hail storms. For this reason, the benefits of an auto clear bra in Denver are to provide year-round protection to vehicle owners in the region. The durability of the paint protection allows for full insurance against conditions such as ice, hail, and damages from freezes. Suppose your auto clear bra ever needs to be reinstalled due to auto repairs. In that case, most comprehensive auto insurance policies will cover the replacement. The Rocky Mountain region also attracts many locals and tourists alike for its off-roading trails and accessible valleys to overlanders. Yet, the harsh conditions and the vast largeness of the mountain region require all visitors to be prepared for anything. Damages from sliding rocks, landslides, and much more are widespread. Protecting your vehicle’s fenders, bumpers, side view mirrors, headlights, mirrors, tailgates, and more, are quintessential for such endeavors. These ventures require lots of preparations and, if not adequately prepared or ensured, can result in costly damages to your automobile. Protecting every part of your vehicle allows you to save hundreds and thousands in auto repairs and ensures a worthwhile and enjoyable trip in the Denver, Colorado region. Daily driving in Denver, Colorado, also benefits from an auto clear bra installation. Road debris such as salt, rock chips, construction debris, and items falling from vehicles ahead are common. An auto clear bra protects the paint on your car from minor damage, often preventing severe damage such as oxidation and rust down the line. Living at the Rocky Mountains’ altitude also means less protection from harmful UV rays due to thinner ozone above us. Auto clear bras can also help protect your vehicle’s paint from these rays, allowing you to enjoy that perfect shade longer. Denver local interested in an auto clear bra application for your vehicle? Reach out to Mile High Image Detailing for an obligation-free quote. Schedule your appointment and talk with our knowledgeable team to find the best protection for your vehicle and lifestyle.

Is Clear Bra Safe for Rivian Electric Cars?

Rivian electric cars, though a relatively new public company, have undoubtedly shown their versatility and high value as a vehicle. They have made their presence known within the auto market. They aim to continue doing so through creative innovations and select future models. The question of whether or not Rivian Electric Cars are safe under the protection of a clear bra coating can be answered by comparing the Rivian vehicles to other automobiles in the industry. Being constructed and manufactured from the same materials as many other electric car makers and using lithium-powered batteries make them subject to the same protections as other car companies. Therefore, their safety is ensured under any clear bra application, as long as it is applied correctly by certified professionals. Heat application to such vehicles does not damage the car or the vehicle’s battery power. It has been tested over the last few years of electric vehicle production. Therefore, through tested research and years of production, one can conclude that applying an auto clear bra to Rivian electric cars is safe and carries the same benefits as using it on any other vehicle. Although still new to the market, Rivian electric cars have stood up to the tests.

Premier Auto Clear Bra Installation Denver, CO.

Due to the high demand for protection against the numerous weather conditions in the Denver, Colorado region, there are many professional options for auto clear bra installation in Denver. Calling any certified and available company to get a quote is made very accessible due to the diversity in choices. Still, the consistency of the high installation standard varies. Mile High Image Detailing is more than qualified to install an auto clear bra on your Rivian electric car in Denver. As one of the only certified Premium Shield paint protection film installers in the Denver metro area. We strive to provide you with an experience that leaves you feeling taken care of and secure in your decisions to protect your vehicle, as a member of your family, and as your investment. Offering different packages for clear bra application, Mile High Image Detailing’s auto clear bra protection options range from high-impact areas only to complete body coverage.

Mile High Image Detailing is the premier provider of auto protection in Denver. With the expertise to match the customer service experience, our services are offered with your best interest in mind. Call us today and let us find the best protection plan for your vehicle, and enjoy it for years to come! Call Mile High Image Detailing today at (720) 220-8436!