Corvette Clear Bra Denver

If we aren’t able to treat and prepare your car when it’s brand new, we recommend a full interior and exterior corvette detail along with more extensive paint correction before installing paint protection.

Our skill and attention to detail at eliminating the scratches in older vehicles is one of the ways that we are different from many detail shops. We are extremely meticulous and take great pride in paint correction along with the transformation that it provides to a vehicle.

Corvette Body Protection

As perhaps the greatest American made sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette is a true icon that has stood the test of time. Over the decades, the Corvette has evolved into one of the most sophisticated and performance driven vehicles ever produced.

The Corvette is just as happy being a very fast daily driver or going to the track. Whatever your life holds for your Corvette, there are unique ways to protect and preserve the paint for years to come.


We wrap all the exterior chrome in a matte or satin black finish. We can do this on every piece of exterior chrome, or only partial depending on your preferences. This has been a popular choice among Tesla owners who may not want all the flashy chrome that comes from the factory. A Tesla Chrome Delete allows your Tesla to have a more robust and aggressive look!

Starting at $1100.00

The first order of business for your Corvette detailing should be to correct the paint. Even a brand new Corvette rolling off of the showroom floor will have scratches and swirls in the paint. At Mile High Image we specialize in getting those imperfections out of the paint using our paint correction methods.

After completing the paint correction portion of Corvette detailing, it is time to move to paint protection. There are two major forms of paint protection – both of which will provide years of protection for your Corvette and its paint.

The most durable form of protection for your paint is to add paint protection film – aka clear bra. This is a high grade clear plastic that has been custom fitted to the curves and panels of your car. Coverage levels vary from the classic “clear bra” which covers the front facing bumpers to a a full body paint protection film installation.

After the paint protection film has been installed, you should then determine the type of ceramic coating that you would like for your Corvette. We recommend Modesta for its deep and durable shine. The great thing about ceramic coatings is that they repel water and make your vehicle much easier to clean and maintain. Often, after a proper corvette detailing that is followed by ceramic coating installation, a wash becomes a rinse and dry as the dirt cascades off of the body and wheels of your car.