Ceramic Coatings last longer than any wax or non ceramic sealant available; it doesn’t only last months, but years! When it comes to ceramic coatings, we use nothing but the best for our clients. Depending on the package, our ceramic paint protection can last anywhere from 2-10 years. That means protection for virtually the life of your vehicle!

Ceramic coatings give you a glass finish and protect your vehicle from dirt, scratches, fire, chemical resistant and so much more. Protect your investment. Ceramic coatings also help you for your resale on your vehicle. The ceramic coating 9h hardness also allows your vehicle to be UV resistant and 3x more resistant to scratches.

Over the last several years, ceramic coatings – ceramic paint protection – have revolutionized car care by providing long lasting and durable paint protection for your car. If you’ve ever dreamed of having dirt and grime wash off easily when hand washing your car, then ceramic coating is for you!. The effectiveness of ceramic coatings such as Modesta BC-08 ceramic coating can be attributed to their nano ceramic properties. The coatings actually bond with your paint and provide a distinct barrier between your paint and the elements. Ceramic coatings also provide superior beading properties due their slippery and hydrophobic properties. For all of the benefits of car ceramic coatings, finding a professional to properly apply ceramic paint protection in the form of a ceramic coating to your vehicle can be difficult. There’s no question that it’s a process that requires a specific amount of experience to complete. That’s where Mile High Image steps in and ensures that your vehicle’s paint is perfect before applying a ceramic coating. Once the Ceramic Coating is applied to your car, you’ll reap the benefits of a water repelling hydrophobic coating that repels water, dirt, sediment, salt and pretty much anything else that the road or mother nature can throw at your vehicle! It’s truly the next level when it comes to the ultimate protection for your prized possession.

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Dramatically visualize customer directed convergence without revolutionary ROI.


Nanotechnology immersion will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line.


Assertively iterate resource maximizing products after leading intellectual capital.

Certified Professional InstallationTHE BEST COATINGS IN DENVER

If you’re looking for the best when it comes to ceramic coating in the Denver, CO area, then look no further than Mile High Image Detailing! The owner, Fillip, takes pride in his work and hundreds of happy customers in the area to speak for his work.

With years of experience in auto detailing, Fillip knows a thing or two about bringing the best out in your vehicle’s paint, and delivering proper protection for that paint for years to come. Be sure to reach out to us with any questions you may have – we’ll be happy to answer them.


• Modesta Has Been in Business for Over 13 Years, They Have Perfected the Ceramic Coating Formula

• Modesta Bottles & Makes Each & Every Coating Bottled by Hand (NO 3RD PARTY COMPANY)

• Offers the Highest Coating Quality & Ceramic Particles Quantity Percentage Per Bottle

• Thicker Coating/Higher Gloss and Depth in the Paint

• Water Beading and Sheeting Properties, Self Cleaning Effect

• Higher Heat Resistance to 900 C to 1300 C

• Modesta Coating Will Increase Depth, Pearlescence & Shine by 20-40%


Great Shine / Increase Depth by 25%

Excellent Water Repellency and Self-Cleaning Effect

BC-08 is a Great Way to Protect Your Daily Driver From Enviromental Hazards While Ease of Maintenance

Best Option for Leased Vehicles / Short Term Use

3-Year Coating

$1,400.00 - (Option: Glass & Wheels / Face Only)

$ 950.00

*Available for every coating option


This New Formula Creates a Deeper Shine and Spectacular Reflection

Creates a Hard Crystal Barrier That Prevents the Paint from Coming in Contact with Oxygen / Airborne Elements not Allowing the Paint to Age from UV Exposure


2-3x Stronger Than Manufacture Clear Coat

25% More Shine and Depth

7-10 Year Duration

Most Popular / Daily Driver / Snow Driven Vehicles


This Private Label Coating is Named After the Best Detailer in the World, Paul Dalton – Grandfather of Detailing

Paul Works On the Best Vehicles All Over the World

Made by Modesta with Paul to Create the Best of the Best

Self-Cleaning Effect / 40-50% More Shine

Crazy Gloss, 2-Layer System, Super Hydrophobic

7-10 Year Duration

$3,400.00 Top Layer Re-Application Every 12-16 Months

$600.00 Car Show / Exotic Car / Weekend Toy


It’s hard to explain, but a ceramic coating is actually a layer of glass that is applied and cured on your vehicle’s surface. When applied correctly, the ceramic coating provides a smooth, glossy showroom finish that not only turns heads as your car rolls down the street, but also protects the finish in the process.

The smoothness of the coated surface keeps dirt and contaminants from embedding themselves into the paint. The best part is, it’s truly just a rinse away from looking like a freshly detailed car again.

Ceramic coating your car will prevent the surface from contaminating due to the natural environmental issues such as the bugs, tar, graffiti, bird droppings, etc. This can be removed easily without losing the essential paint by the self-cleaning effect that is provided from a ceramic coating.
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