What are the Benefits of Paint Protection Film?

August 11, 2021by drazen doslo3
Paint protection film is one of the best ways to care for your vehicle.  The exterior of your vehicle is subjected to stressors every day that, over time, can harm your vehicle.  Paint protection film protects you against needed repairs for things like oxidation of the paint, rusting, or scratches piercing through the clear coat.  Here we’re going to talk about the different ways paint protection film benefits your life.  For instance, have you ever looked at your vehicle as the investment that it is?  Continue reading to refresh your memory on some of the top benefits paint protection film brings for you and your vehicle.  Go to the bottom for an overview of the paint protection film application services we offer in Denver, Colorado, at Mile High Image Detailing!  

What is Paint Protection Film?

Before we go any further, let’s refresh on what paint protection film is.  Paint protection film is commonly referred to as a ‘clear bra.’  This film is made from a mix of different polymer blends layered together, resulting in a super protective barrier that is flexible.   The flexibility of the film allows each contour to be perfectly sealed when applying the film, no matter how limited the model of the vehicle.  This feature is thanks to the acrylic-based layer that rests at the bottom of the paint protection film.  The paint protection film’s adhesive nature, combined with the flexibility of the film, creates a bond between the paint on your vehicle and the film itself.   As noted in the nickname, ‘Clear Bra,’ paint protection film is transparent.  Thanks to the translucent properties of the different polymers and the secure adhesion, the paint protection film is nearly undetectable after the application has settled.  Full body coverage will result in no lines across any panels of your vehicle, making the protection shell seamless.  Smaller, more localized applications of the film do cross panels of the car.  Like the ones we offer in Denver at Mile High Image Detailing, high-quality paint protection film will be nearly invisible at any cross point.

What does Paint Protection Film Do?

Paint protection film does precisely as its name implies; it protects the paint on the exterior of your vehicle.  “Protect from what?” you may ask.  There are a variety of aggressors the surface of your car faces every day.  Since we’re a Denver, Colorado-based company, let’s look at some Colorado-specific hazards applying a paint protection film helps with.  

Denver, Colorado Elements and Paint Protection Film

Living in the picturesque state of Colorado can be like living in a postcard some days.  Residing a mile high above sea level, we live in an environment with less natural protection from the ozone than when you are at the beach.  These factors alone create specific challenges for your automobile that you may not in other places.  Here are some common challenges paint protection film helps you with, in Denver, Colorado.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Colorado has the most sunny days out of all the states in the United States of America.  That is a lot of sunshine!  While paint protection film does not directly protect your paint from harmful UV rays, it does help your clear coat stay intact.  The clear coat is the final layer of paint added to the exterior of your vehicle during manufacturing.  This is the layer that protects your paint from the sun’s UV rays.  High-quality paint protection film will be UV resistant, keeping it from transforming from transparent into color over time.  This translucent film will add protection for your clear coat on some of the most hit areas of your vehicle.  This extra protection from rock chips on the road provides a barrier between your clear coat and the rock chip’s edge.  Preventing the clear coat from scratching (which leads to other repair needs) keeps your vehicle’s paint job protected from UV rays.  So I guess, in a roundabout way, a clear bra can help protect your car from harmful UV rays.

Construction Debris

The Denver metro area is growing at a rapid rate.  It is an exciting time to be living in Colorado!  With construction comes debris, and many of these pieces are swept into the road or dropped along the way.  The dust that accumulates can be harmful to the clear coat of your vehicle’s paint.  Small pieces of wood, metal, or cement that fall off of trucks also pose a threat to the exterior of your car.  Paint protection film adds a barrier between this common debris scenario and your vehicle.

Rock Chips

Rock chips are everywhere in Colorado.  Whether you are on a mountain getaway, a desert escape, or driving to your local coffee shop, there are rock chips on the roads.  These tiny rocks may seem harmless, but they can harm the clear coat on your vehicle over time.  When the clear coat on your car has been pierced, the original paint on your car becomes vulnerable.  Constantly battered as you drive, the front bumper of your vehicle protects you from more than you may realize.  Keeping the original paint intact whenever possible is one car maintenance must-do.  The state of the paint on your vehicle has a substantial impact on the vehicle’s value as it ages.

Road Salt

Winter is here, and as we have all lived these last few weeks, winter brings snow!  Snow is exciting for those ready to hit the slopes and those prepared to build a snowman while secretly stockpiling snowballs.  In order to arrive at the slopes, some combination of salt and sand was likely placed on the road.  While necessary for safe driving, salt and sand pose a threat to the exterior of your vehicle.  This debris can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint if left unattended.  The salt can adhere to the clear coat on your car, eventually eroding down to the paint itself.  When this happens, you move into the paint correction territory.  Adding a clear bra, or paint protection film, to the places your vehicle is contested the most can help in a big way.  Who needs to worry about their car while they’re on the slopes?

Top Benefits from Paint Protection Film

Your Vehicle is an Investment

We often name our cars, but how often do we remember our car is an investment, too?  Many of our most memorable moments during our lives happen in our cars.  The conversations you have catching up during rush hour traffic, the emotions released while debating the topic of the day, the hopes and dreams and fears shared on road trips, and the songs we belt to all who pass by.  No matter how intimate your relationship with your vehicle is, it is still an investment.   One day, the day will come for you to part ways with your vehicle.  The condition of your car will significantly impact the value of your vehicle when that time comes.  Maintenance of a vehicle with a complete body paint protection film application is simple.  Speak with your local technician about what maintenance routine is suitable for your lifestyle with your vehicle.   Reach out to Mile High Image Detailing, and together we will establish the perfect package for your lifestyle.  Paint protection film is one of the top-rated ways to protect your vehicle in the long run.  Protecting your vehicle protects your investment.

Warrantied Protection that Lasts

Each of our paint protection film services at Mile High Image Detailing in Denver, Colorado, come with a ten-year warranty.  Yes, we expect our quality paint protection film application to last your vehicle ten years when properly cared for.  That means you could be protecting your vehicle from the elements discussed for up to a decade with one decision.  This durable protection option is one that your future self will thank you for.

Self-Healing Properties

All of the paint protection films we offer at Mile High Image Detailing are top quality in the industry.  Each film boasts an outer barrier layer of at least 0.5 mm that will self-heal.   Any scratches or imperfections that do not go deeper than the first layer will not be visible once the film has healed.

Paint Protection Film Services in Denver, CO

If you are searching for an auto protection package, check out Mile High Image Detailing Denver, CO.  We are a local, high-end auto care company specializing in white-glove treatment for you and your vehicle.  Every product we use offers the highest quality final product in its respected industry.   We offer various protection services for your vehicle, including wax, ceramic coating, and paint protection film.  Our paint protection film installation services include three different packages to fit every lifestyle.  We offer the paint protection film brands Prestige Film Technologies, Suntek/Llumar, and Premium Shield at Mile High Image Detailing in Denver, CO.  Each paint protection film technician on our team goes through training with Premium Shield.  You can trust your experience will be quality paint protection film application with Mile High Image Detailing in Denver, Colorado.


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